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                    ABOUT CNCE  

                China National Cotton Exchange (CNCE) was approved by State Council in 1998, and has become the leading and most creditable neutral trading platform for spot cotton in China. Observing the principles of "Openness, Fairness, and Impartiality", CNCE provides its member enterprises and worldwide customers with services of trade settlement, physical delivery, warehousing and logistics, trade financing, information consultation and human resource training, so as to implement functions of trade organizing, price discovering, risk control and information transmission.



                Figures about CNCE:

                • Over 4,200 registered members, representing over 80% of China’s annual cotton consumption.
                • More than 190 contracted warehouses throughout China’s cotton producing and consuming areas, and bonded zones.
                • Over 32 million tons of national reserve cotton, valuing over¥500 billion CNY, traded on CNCE platform.
                • 40 million tons of commercial cotton traded.

                Industry Influences:

                • The exclusive trading platform, entrusted by Central Government, for procurements and sales of China’s national reserved cotton.
                • "Barometer" of China's spot cotton --Quoted Trading Price of Commercial Cotton.
                • Specialized warehousing service provider for all Xinjiang cotton since 2014/15 season, exclusively designated by Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and Xinjiang Autonomous Region Government.
                • Strategic cooperation with Cotlook, operating , the highest click-through-rate web site in industry of China.
                • Global Partner of ICA.


                Contact us

                China National Cotton Exchange



                [email protected]

                B-15,Global Finace& News Cneter,No.1 Xuanwumen Outer Street.Beijing,100052,